Day 7

Today I made a very enthusiastic new friend- Canis Familiaris.

Canis Familiaris was most eager to make my acquaintance, and to inquire if I had any edibles. As I do not partake of flesh foods and have been eating only plomeet soup from the replicator, I had nothing to share. This did not discourage Canis Familiaris in the slightest, who then suggested that we should have “fun.” This fun proved to be me throwing a stick repeatedly while Canis Familiaris searched for it in the shrubbery and proudly returned the same stick. After approximately an hour’s worth of this entertainment, at which time I was ready to cease, Canis Familiaris resorted to begging for additional “fun.” The next canine pastime was running around in circles, of which I did not partake. Vulcans do not dance, and we certainly do not run around in circles. I attempted to explain this to Canis Familiaris, and found his comprehension to be somewhat limited. Disappointed, he resumed his requests for food. I repeated my earlier response, and though momentarily disappointed, Canis Familiaris’ enthusiasm for spending time together was undaunted, and I was once again presented with the throwing stick. When I attempted to query him about his knowledge of humanity, I received only short descriptions of “food,” and “fun.” His capacity for analysis seems somewhat limited, although he was quite preoccupied with his presumed position in “the pack.” I admit to being somewhat relieved when we heard a human voice, at which time Canis Familiaris informed me that he had to “go home.” He then ran away towards the voice.

When I informed Felis Catus of my meeting, she was most unsupportive of this new friendship, and threatened to send me to a place called Hell if I allowed any canines in the shuttlecraft. I assured her that no visitors of any species would be allowed into the shuttlecraft at any time, due to the secrecy of my mission, the undesirability of anyone viewing or touching the equipment, and the very limited space within the shuttlecraft. I have found Felis Catus to be a most demanding roommate.

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