Day 6

Earth has many fascinating life forms to observe. Today while meditating I observed a large gastropod consume part of an Amanita Muscaria.

When I returned to the shuttlecraft, I began to research this fascinating species of fungus. Apparently humanity has a long and colorful history of coevolution with mycological life forms and this species in particular. Abundant throughout the temperate climates of Europe and North America, humans have utilized this inedible though highly decorative species for a variety of dubious applications, including inducing a berserker state in ancient warriors. Poisonous, it nonetheless appears in children’s stories and on cookware. I cannot help but speculate upon the deeper implications of this. I shall forego sampling all amanitas, although I remain alert for the presence of other edible species. While I am also curious as to the mental state of the gastropod which consumed a large portion of said amanita, in comparison to its body size, I have no desire to mind meld with it, as it emitted an especially adhesive substance.

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