Day 5

I spent most of yesterday setting up a subspace channel to the Vulcan science vessel I left in orbit around an adjacent system. Since humans currently have no subspace technology, I do not anticipate my transmissions being intercepted. Of far more difficulty is penetrating the heavy cloud cover. Not only are subspace transmissions blocked by substantial concentrations of water vapor in the atmosphere, but this area seems to experience massive amounts of precipitation, which interfered with my observations of humanity via their satellite communications. I am deeply concerned by the preponderance of sexually oriented material on the internet. I wonder how humans have time for anything else. It is no wonder that they have yet to develop warp capability if the entire population is engaged in or obsessed with sex instead of more useful pursuits. It is most illogical for any species to be so overly concerned with non-procreative copulation. When I expressed my surprise to my roommate, Felis Catus, she responded with uncharacteristic mirth. “That’s all they do,” she laughed, “And you haven’t seen anything yet.” Indeed. I plan to begin my observations of humanity by continuing my online research and telepathically interviewing their companion species, Felis Catus and Canis Familiaris. Curiously, humans’ companion species are quite telepathic, while humans are not. 

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