Day 4

While out walking, I found a perfect place to meditate.

Having completed my morning meditation, I walked back to the shuttlecraft and proceeded to begin recording my log. Felis Catus is most unhelpful in this regard, and insists upon stepping upon the equipment. She had successfully deleted several files before I could remove the animal from the shuttlecraft. I explained to Felis Catus that tampering with my equipment was unacceptable, but was met with only sullen silence. 

It was then that I met two more humans. Two young male humans dressed too finely for the rustic environment approached the disguised shuttlecraft, and asked me if I had time to talk. Since my purpose here is to observe humanity, I set aside my disagreement with Felis Catus and informed the two humans that I would enjoy a conversation. What followed was a fascinating dialogue concerning human belief systems. They were quite convinced that a benevolent deity was actively promoting their welfare, and urged me to seek out this benefaction for myself. I was intrigued, and inquired as to what proof they had of this deity’s existence and involvement. To this effect, they produced a book, and urged me to read it. I agreed, as this reading material no doubt possesses valuable insights as to the mental state of humans. They were overjoyed at my acceptance of their gift, and invited me to join them at their house of worship. I told them that I would carefully consider the invitation, and also inquired as to the accepted dress code, as I knew removing my hat would reveal my Vulcan features. They were somewhat vague, and stated that I should wear whatever I felt was “reverent.” I am unsure as to what this might mean. However, this opportunity to study human religion would be very valuable to my research. I am also intrigued at the possibility of meeting some sort of deity- or perhaps a member of the Q continuum. If so, I must take all necessary precautions regarding such beings, and attempt to discover the purpose of involvement. I noted during our conversation a great deal of feline laughter, although the humans seemed not to notice. The young humans then inquired if they could return to visit again at a later date, and I agreed. They then suggested that we pray together, which I discovered was a type of group meditation whereupon the participants thank their deity for benevolence and request further aid. I found this manner of group meditation to be quite intriguing, and I believe this will be a fascinating study.

After the young humans’ departure, I inquired of Felis Catus what had been so humorous. Perhaps in a futile attempt to annoy me, Felis Catus only laughed harder.  Eventually, upon being pressed for an explanation, Felis Catus confided that in Ancient Egypt, cats had been revered, and worshiped as gods. Felines expected this arrangement to continue indefinitely, and a great many were outraged at their perceived modern shabby treatment. I informed Felis Catus that I while I would be her friend, I was not going to worship her.  Felis Catus appeared disgruntled with this explanation, and disappeared for the rest of the afternoon, allowing me to retrieve the files and begin my study of the reading material. 

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