Day 3

Logically, the first thing to do was to acquaint myself with the environment. Learning the local plants, which are edible and which are not, as well as what animal life might be present would be prudent. I had not traveled far from my shuttlecraft when I observed my first human- an adult male in the company of a very small canine. At first the canine behaved aggressively, running up to me and behaving in a threatening manner. Since the beast was approximately the size of my shoe, I did not feel any clear or present danger from it.

Indeed, the canine seemed to have an oversized sense of not only its own importance but the damage it seemed to think it could inflict. The human shouted repeatedly at the canine, who seemed to ignore him completely. Thus, the human male approached closer until he was within conversational distance, whereupon he continued to issue loud commands at the canine, which continued to ignore him. I informed the animal that it had nothing to fear, and that I was not a threat. This seemed to calm it slightly, although its energy level remained high. However, its demeanor changed from aggressive to overly friendly, perhaps because of the increasingly close proximity of the attendant human, who whereupon introduced himself, and apologized for the animal’s rudeness. A short conversation ensued, which seemed to contain sexual overtones. Since my role here is purely that of an observer, I eventually felt it necessary to state my lack of interest and excuse myself. 

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