Day 2- Felis Catus

I have a roommate.

Upon returning to my disguised shuttlecraft, I found a small feline waiting for me. This small feline informed me that she would be staying with me, and would provide free advice for the duration of my visit. I found these terms acceptable. Upon questioning Felis Catus on how she knew that I was there, she responded that no cat is ever fooled by appearances, unlike human beings, who see what they want to see. I anticipate that her advice may well be invaluable. After our initial meeting, I was presented with a small token of our new friendship- a deceased rodent. I informed Felis Catus that I am a vegetarian, and as such do not partake of flesh foods. Although Felis Catus was initially offended, I believe this arrangement will work out well, since there will be no disagreement as to whose provisions belong to whom. Also, Felis Catus has no personal belongings to clutter up the interior of my already limited space inside the shuttlecraft.

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